9. Deathwish Inc. is a record label & distribution company founded by Jacob Bannon and Tre McCarthy in 2000. Package ship via Fedex Priority Mail. TOOLS OF THE TRADE continue their tradition of bringing some punishing grindcore tune, but this time adding a lil bit modern hardcore riff and a lil bit sludge riff inside. Most of Tandang Records Store’s repertoire gears towards the punk rock genre of music, with casettes, CDs, magazines, and other punk-related merchandise. 12. SECRET PROSTITUTE (USA) – Selamat Anda Dipecat, 5. – 7″ release by Helta Skelta records in 2015, Available for RM 12.00 featuring 8 tracks taken from many releaes. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Leave a Reply Cancel reply ( / ) ( / ) ( / ) ( / ) Categories. Brilliant and certainly groovy all the way. TANDANG RECORDS CATALOG! Skip to content. Check their bandcamp here THE PUNK IN SHOP. We have moving our store to a new location at Zhongshan Building, Kampung Attap. • TR029 - MARIJANNAH - Istanah Cassette • TR028 - BOOM BOOM KID - Las 4 estaciones de BBK Cassette • TR027 - THE GARRISON - … • YĪN YĪN - The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers LP/CD (Restock), • OM KALSOUM - أم كلثوم "Alif Leila Wa Leila - ألف ليلة وليلة" LP, • OM KALSOUM - أم كلثوم "El Hob Kollo - كله الحب" LP, • V/A - Tribute to the Bollocks 2xCassette, • THE BOLLOCKS / HELLEXIST Split 7" (Restock), • METH DRINKER - OIL CASSETTE // SHIRT + CASSETTE (COMBO), • Pre Order - KOHTI TUHOA - Self Titled LP, • Pre Order - UMBRA VITAE - Shadow of Life LP/CD, • Pre Order - VIOLENT REACTION "City Streets" LP (Violet Blue), • Pre Order - ANTI CIMEX - Victims of Bombraid 3CD, • THE HAPPY DOLLS ‎– Show Album No.1 LP (Restock), Terms of Service THE DEAD PAN SPEAKERS is not that ordinary post-punk shebang. SIAL (SG) – Hitam / Lalai DEAD PAN SPEAKER,THE from Japan will start their South East Asia mini tour. THIS IS ATLANTIS (SG) – Polyphemus 9. 2. Tandang Record Store. Plus with persona behind bands like After the Bombs, Truncheons, SkullNBone and Napalm Raid, do expect a full blast of great riffs, great rhythms and… well, just great overall. Home; ABOUT; ONLINE SHOP; PHOTO; RELEASES; PHOTO. TANDANG RECORDS STORE. Two vigorous post-hard core platoon coming from two hectic cities in Southeast Asia (Kuala Lumpur & Jakarta) come together in this long awaited release. We had been living in really fast cyber reality world and connecting with people in a way will give a lots of meaning to our lonesome life. Available for RM 12.00 featuring 8 tracks taken from many releaes. 8. THE FATALIS (MAS) – Taknak Standard. Bukan hanya untuk Punk & Hardcore sahaja! KUALA LUMPUR RECORDS STORE. You can buy up to 500g items with same rate. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Email: t . Casual tote bag. Purchase here >> https://bit.ly/2NmgPnK. 4. OUT NOW >> A debut cassette release from this solid grindcore band formed by the member of Wormrot and Tools of the Trade. – Self Titled 7″ release by Rip Society records in 2013, SHEER MAG (USA) – What You Want
 3 colors dye, silkscreen on cotton canvas. TR23 – RED RED KROOVY – Compilation CS Think again. We arrived early in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and went to find the best record shops in town. We have CDs, Vinyl, Shirt, Cassette, Literature and other stuff available TANDANG ZHONGSHAN No.82, 2nd Floor, Zhongshan Building, Jalan Rotan, Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur.… TRADE ARE WELCOME! ), Please visit our new online shop! The punk and hardcore music was a major force in my life, that always set an honest-path of living the daily life. Groups ; Forum ... Label: Tandang Cat#: TR 005. BLACK SHIRT >> https://bit.ly/2V1Q0tq BLOODSTONE (SG) – Seeds Of The Slavery Straight up, heavy, and definitely crushing fucking grindcore. Quick Links. DEADPANSPEAKER “Disgorging” cassette is out now under Tandang Records. 18th August (Fri) – Nagarakota, Sitiawan They have putting out lots of great records from mainly the Bandung band that encircled within their circle of friends. Log in; Create account; Cart: 0. TOTAL CONTROL (AUS) – Expensive Dog
 BOHR (MAS) – Voyager | Refund Policy, LP - Alternative Rock / Grunge / Indie Rock, LP - Doom / Sludge / Post Metal / Heavy Rock. www.tandangstore.com. 17th August (Thurs) – Soundmaker Studio, Penang Uncategorized; Hours & Info. Deathwish is also a premier online store specializing in indie & aggressive music. Life meet us with million of story, and there will always be the hard path of sailing it. Package ship via Fedex Priority Mail. All In stock releases from Tandang Records are available at our ONLINE STORE or thru our BANDCAMP, else it already sold out! The label is responsible for many landmark releases that have shaped the world of aggressive music. DEADPANSPEAKER “Disgorging” cassette is out now under Tandang Records. PARASYTES hailing from Montréal, Québec, blend some metallic doses resemble the mighty Sacrilege and coated with tasty Chaos UK’s pogo rhythm recipe. Tandang Store is an independent collective trade space located at the loft within the Rumah Api garage selling assorted of DIY/Indie stuff with various genre from all over the world! COMETS ON FIRE (USA) – Hatched Upon Age, OUT NOW! 15" [L] x 16" [D] x 1" [W] with 24" sling. Like Bogus Merchandise, Tandang Record Store originally hailed from legendary punk house Rumah Api at their previous premise in Ampang before moving to The Zhongshan Building. THE SLACKERS (USA) – Watch This By buying a releases and going to local show, will keep the scene alive. The Shop. Their spirit and ethos is fundamentally punk, but their record store stocks a wide variety of musical genres across CDs, cassettes, and vinyls, latest releases and secondhand classics, from the Nusantara to beyond. 13. Mark that you've visited, or add to your list of stores to visit Be informed that first 500g willl have the same shipping rate worldwide.
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